Other Services

Whole Heart Meals also offers other WFPB services to those in the Midland/Odessa area in addition to the meals listed under the Weekly Menu tab. 

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Cooking Lessons/Demonstrations

Want to learn how to cook delicious, healthy vegan WFPB meals? I can teach individuals, couples, families, friends, or other groups. Options include just appetizers, desserts, or entrees with side(s) and/or dessert(s). You provide the venue or home, I provide the food, tools, and expertise! Contact me at info@wholeheartmeals.com for more details. 

WFPB Consulting and Grocery Store Tours

For more details on why to eat plants or how to shop, prepare, and live the whole food plant based lifestyle, I can provide help! I can take you on a grocery store tour of your favorite place to shop in Midland or Odessa, and I offer in-person or phone consultations regarding all of your plant-based living questions (including how to understand nutrition labels). For a ~90 minute Grocery Store Tour, the cost is $30 for up to 3 people, with each additional person $10.




I can cater your party or small event! Whether you want just appetizers, desserts, or a multi-course meal, your guests will be impressed!